University Hospital Campus

Interwoven with the hospital operations.

Linköping University’s University Hospital Campus (Campus US) is located within walking distance of Linköping town centre and not far from the beautiful oak woodlands at Tinnerö. As the name suggests, the campus is integrated with Linköping University Hospital. Here you find education and research in medicine, healthcare and public health, as well as some technological research bordering on medicine.

Tour of University Hospital Campus

University Hospital Campus, Entrance 65

From Lasarettsbacken (Hospital slope) in the northern part of the hospital area, you reach many premises at the University Hospital Campus. Entrance 65 is the former main entrance and leads to the Medical Library among other places.  Peter Karlsson Svarteld

Fasaden på hus 511 / 511 Building facade

The new Building 511 contains the area’s biggest auditorium, classrooms, group activity rooms, student services, study areas and much more. The building was inaugurated in August 2015. A courtyard connects it with the old Building 001. The shimmering glass façade in the southwest was created by American artist Spencer Finch, who is also the man behind the work of art by the National September 11 Memorial Museum in New York. Thor Balkhed


The northern entrance to the hospital has been rebuilt and re-opened in January 2016. There are classrooms on the floor below the entrance. From here you can also reach the centre CMIV (photo), where prominent research within medical image science and visualisation is conducted.  Thor Balkhed

Brown building in the evening

The Kårhuset Örat (The Ear) has its nickname from being the previous home of the audiological clinic. In the daytime the building is a café and restaurant. In the evening it is sometimes used for pubs and parties.  Maria Karlberg

students practising trauma care in simlation exercise

At Clinicum students can practice clinical skills in a safe environment. In 2017, Clinicum received the international ASPIRE award for excellence within higher education for the healthcare professions. Photo credit: Johan Jäger  

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