Campus Valla

Oldest, largest and with bicycles everywhere.

Campus Valla is located about three kilometres from Linköping town centre. It is surrounded by a popular recreation area, a golf course, the innovative new district Vallastaden and Science Park Mjärdevi, home to many of the university's spin-off companies. Nearby is also the town’s largest area of student housing: Ryd.

Valla is the oldest and largest of the university’s campuses with students from many programmes and research within a large number of fields. On campus there are several cafés, restaurants and shops.

Tour of Campus Valla

Students in Märkesbacken
Campus Valla’s backbone is the Corso, a combined pedestrian/bike path that runs from Märkesbacken in the north, where student associations paint their colourful emblems on the asphalt, to the indoor sports centre Campushallen in the south. Cecilia Olsson
C-huset / C Building
C Building contains the largest auditoriums on campus, and many classrooms. Students from many programmes come together here. Musicum in C Building is where the university choirs and orchestras rehearse; Colosseum hosts big events like career fairs. Thor Balkhed
B-huset / B Building
A and B Building were the first to be completed in the early 1970s. Much of the teaching and research in technology and economics takes place here. The photo shows B Building spectacularly framed by the northern lights which appeared above campus in the spring of 2015. Alejandro Sobron
Studenter fikar i Kårallen / Students having fika in Kårallen Building
Kårallen is the students’ own building, home to student unions, chapters and associations. The Baljan café is run by students and has supplied several generations with ”fika” (coffee and cakes).  Anna Nilsen
Hus Zenit / Zenit Building
Zenit Building has student services such as the student service desk, study guidance and student health care. The building faces the construction site for the new Studenthus Valla, due to be ready in the autumn of 2019. Hanna Söderquist
Vallabiblioteket / Valla Library
D Building contains the Valla Library and most of the central administration. Charlotte Perhammar
Marknad i Keyhuset / Market in Key Building
One of the newer buildings on campus is the Key Building, where most of the teacher training takes place. The foyer has room for different activities such as the Handicrafts and Design student markets where they sell items they have made themselves.
Ångströmhuset / Ångström Building
Ångström Building is the first titanium building in Sweden. It contains the advanced electron microscope Arwen which is used in materials sciences. 
Next to Campus Valla is Isovalen (the Ice Oval). In winter this artificially frozen ice rink is open to the general public, free of charge. Margareta Alfredson

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The student building almost finished

In autumn 2019, the new student house at Campus Valla will open, containing library, various service functions for the students and about 1,000 study places. The building goes into its final phase, here is a progress report in March 2019.

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