Adult Learning and Global Change, Master's programme - Information for admitted students

Welcome to the master's programme in Adult Learning and Global Change at Linköping University (LiU)!

Welcome to the master's programme in Adult Learning and Global Change at Linköping University (LiU)!

It is our great pleasure to congratulate you on having been accepted to our international master’s programme; the award-winning programme of the Curriculum Innovation Award and The e-Learning Excellence Award.

Enrolment and Registration

Before the start of your studies, you will receive detailed information on enrolment and registration and access to our web-platform Lisam.

Programme Content and Calendar

Adult Learning and Global Change is a unique international educational programme offered in cooperation with the University of British Columbia, Canada and the University of Western Cape, South Africa. You will learn together with students from our partner universities in a global online classroom.

The programme consists of the following modules:

  • Locating Oneself in Global Learning I (16 August 2021 – 17 September 2021)
  • Adult Learning: Contexts and Perspectives (4 October 2021 – 10 December 2021)
  • Work and Learning (3 January 2022 – 11 March 2022)
  • Fostering Learning in Practice (28 March 2022 – 3 June 2022)
  • Global / Local Learning (15 August – 21 October 2022)
  • Understanding Research (7 November 2022– 27 January 2023, with a break from 16 December to 3 January)
  • Locating oneself in Global Learning (13 February – 17 March 2023)
  • Researching Adult learning: Project work (March – June 2023)

We are looking forward to meeting you online!

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A detailed syllabus, curriculum, and information on the courses you may take can be found in our study information database via the link below.

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Once you have been admitted to LiU there are many things to prepare even if you are studying via distance. What those preparations are, depends on your personal circumstances, so browse the articles to see what applies to you.

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