LiU Summer Academy

Be prepared to have the best summer!

A four-week credit-bearing programme at campus Valla, Linköping

LiU is delighted to extend a warm invitation to students from our esteemed partner universities to take part in the LiU Summer Academy. This exciting opportunity beckons you to embark on a transformative one-month journey of international study at campus Valla in Linköping.

At LiU Summer Academy, the doors are open to a world of high-quality courses, each carefully crafted to offer you a rich and diverse learning experience. As you immerse yourself in our vibrant academic community, you will have the chance to build lasting connections with fellow students from around the globe, expanding your horizons and fostering cultural awareness that will serve you well in your future endeavours.
The courses delve into the cutting-edge research and educational disciplines for which LiU is renowned, providing you with a unique chance to explore academic excellence.
Beyond the classroom, you will also discover the picturesque landscapes and rich heritage of East Sweden, all while soaking up the fascinating nuances of Swedish culture.
Join us at LiU Summer Academy and let your academic and personal growth flourish in the captivating backdrop of Sweden.
LiU can't wait to welcome you!

Why join LiU Summer Academy?

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of participating students are satisfied with the social programme.
It was the experience of a lifetime - I had the most amazing time at LiU and I personally thank every one of the student hosts and programme organisers for an incredible summer!
One of the LiU Summer Academy students
Highly recommend it to everyone, thank you all so much! Most remembered summer ever!
One of our great LiU Summer Academy alumni

Courses on offer

Solar cells.

Alternative energy: the past, present, future, and inventions

Under the influence of scientific and technological progress, our life is changing at a rapid pace. Understanding the basic principles that affect ongoing changes and future developments is important for all branches and areas.


Is There An App For That? Potentials and Pitfalls of Using Smartphones as Medical Devices

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in our society, they present a unique opportunity for scientific inquiry. This course will introduce how smart devices can be used to perform similar tasks to research-grade optical imaging and sensing devices.

Link to syllabus will be published later.
Ledarskap i socialt arbete

Leadership and Organisational Behaviour in Contemporary Organisations

The course offers an interdisciplinary perspective and provides students with insights into international state-of –the-art theories of organisational behaviour and leadership, and practical cases and examples of Swedish and international firms.

Organic nanoelectronics

Nanotechnology: Sustainable Challenges and Social Impact

The overall aim of this course is to acquaint students with the concept of nanoscience and technology, without becoming embroiled in details of the scientific principles and mathematics.


Superman, Daisy Duck and Tintin: reading and learning in the world of comics

Study comics from an aesthetic, political and cultural perspective, and the role of comics both historically and in the present day. The course sheds light on different forms of comics - strips, graphic novels, comics - and various genres.

View of Linköping, a city in Sweden.

Sweden: Language, Culture and Society

This course gives an introduction to Swedish culture and society, with aspects of history, social structures, welfare, education, and political system. You also have the opportunity to learn and practice the Swedish language at a beginner’s level.


The Use (and Abuse) of Culture

The course ties the changing role of culture and knowledge to what is often labelled the post-industrial society, describing a societal development that has transitioned from traditional industries to a growing creative industries sector.


How LiU Summer Academy works

Application for students

Entry requirements

To meet the general entry requirements, students must have completed one year of full-time studies upon application (passed 60 ECTS credits or equivalent) and be nominated by one of LiU’s partner universities.


  1. Official transcript of records showing completed courses and their grades (student copies are not accepted).
  2. LiU Summer Academy - nomination certificate 2025 (contact an international coordinator or similar at your home university).
  3. A copy of a passport or identity card to verify your citizenship -  An identification document with name, picture, CNIC number or other ID number.

Please note that the documents must be stamped and signed when submitted. The LiU Summer Academy nomination certificate should be submitted as an educational document.

How to apply

Preliminary from 1 February - 25 March 2025 students can apply electronically for LiU Summer Academy courses at University Admissions.
On the University Admissions website, choose “log in”, create an account and search for courses at ”Linköping University” for “Summer 2025”. Upload the nomination certificate in University Admissions.

Deadlines - Preliminary for 2025

Please note that all deadlines are midnight CET.

  • 1 February 2025 - Online application service opens
  • 25 March 2025 - Admission application deadline
  • 29 March 2025 - Deadline for supporting documents
  • 4 April 2025 - First Notification of Selection Results
  • 11 April 2025 - Last date to accept or decline your offer
  • 19 April 2025 - Second Notification of Selection Results (no reply required). The FAQ for students will be sent to all admitted students. It contains essential information how to apply for accommodation, excursions and much more.
  • From 19 April 2025, it is possible to download the notification of the selection result (letter of acceptance) on your account at University Admissions.


LiU aims for a good mix of students. Selection is based on the principles of a multicultural classroom.
Please observe that LiU has a limited number of student places per course and LiU cannot guarantee all nominated students can be offered a place. Students from partner universities with whom LiU would like to improve the balance for incoming and outgoing student exchange are prioritised.

Note: if there is a lot of competition for the LiU Summer Academy places, eligible students will be chosen by lottery in the University Admissions system.

Nomination procedure for partner universities

Partner universities are welcome to nominate a maximum of five students per course. Please use the LiU Summer Academy nomination certificate for 2025.

Nominated students must upload the nomination certificate to University Admissions. Nominated students must have a good command of English (writing, reading, listening and speaking at a recommended CEFR level B2). No proof of English proficiency is necessary.

Important dates for admitted students 2025 - preliminary

Deadline payment(s):  8 May (await confirmation regarding housing, excursions and reference number before payment) 
Arrival day: 27 June (regular LiU support available from 12:00 until latest 20:00, to book support between 20:00 and 23:59, email
Moving in: 27 June (After 12:00)
Welcome reception: 30 June (Between 08:30-13:00) 
Course dates: 30 June - 25 July (some courses have preparatory exercises before arrival)
Farewell reception: 25 July
Moving out and day of departure: 26 July (before 12:00 ie. noon) 


LiU Summer Academy is held at campus Valla in Linköping in Eastern Sweden. Linköping is situated 200 kilometres south-west of Stockholm in Östergötland, which has been trademarked in English as East Sweden by the regional government. Our foundation campus is campus Valla, which is located in Linköping, about three kilometres from the city centre. This is where the majority of students and researchers study and work.


Linköping is one of Sweden’s oldest cities with a long cultural tradition. Over the past 50 years, Linköping has grown to become Sweden’s fifth-largest municipality, with more than 165,000 inhabitants. It is home to industries specialising in many different sectors, ranging from aircraft manufacturing to emerging technologies. Several international companies such as Saab, Ericsson, IFS, Autoliv, Sectra and Cloetta have offices in Linköping.

Despite its rapid growth, Linköping still has the charm of a small town. The city centre is easy to reach from Campus Valla, about a ten-minute bike ride, and the University Hospital Campus is located centrally. The inner city offers plenty of entertainment opportunities: theatre plays, museums, concerts and student skits locally called “spex”. Cafés, bars, restaurants and nightclubs located downtown will cater to all tastes. 
Read more: Visit Linköping

Guaranteed accommodation

The student accommodation is in an area called Ryd, which is a suburb of Linköping. With its own town centre offering practically all the services you might need, Ryd almost feels like a town in its own right. It is also located close to campus Valla, where the classes are held.
LiU Summer Academy students can access the laundry rooms and recycling facilities, a beach volleyball court, tennis courts and barbecue spots. For exercise and fresh air, you have the adjacent Ryd forest (Rydskogen) and there is also an excellent golf and disc course close to LiU. Ryds Allé in Linköping.Ryds Allé in Linköping.

Accommodation package

There are two options for accommodation during LiU's Summer Academy:
Option 1: Students can organise their own accommodation
Option 2: Students can accept the accommodation package LiU has organised. The package is designed to help LiU Summer Academy students get set up in Sweden so students can focus on classes and make new friends.

All students who are accepted for LiU Summer Academy are guaranteed accommodation if they choose to accept the accommodation package.
Package price approximately = 6700 SEK


  • Single student room with wifi and utilities included (electricity, heat, water).
  • New linen, pillow, and towels. Kitchen utensils are provided in shared kitchens.
  • Access to laundry facilities.
  • Unlimited bus card which will give you access to travel around Linköping and the province of Östergötland.
  • Final exit cleaning service for your room*

* Please note that in the shared kitchen, you have access to a shared fridge and a freezer and you are expected to clean the kitchen after you have cooked and recycle and take care of the waste. You wash your own laundry while staying in Sweden. The room must be empty (except for the furniture and bedding) upon departure. and wash their own laundry while staying in Sweden. The room must be empty (except for the furniture and bedding) upon departure.

About the room

A single corridor room for one person is 20 square meters and includes a private bathroom. The rooms are fully furnished, and the beds are 90x200 cm. There are eight rooms in a corridor sharing a kitchen and a living room (please note some of these rooms are inhabited by Swedish students who will be away for summer vacation). In the shared kitchen, you will have access to a shared fridge and a freezer.

Important information

If you have not booked and paid for the accommodation package, you will have to organise a room by yourself and you will not receive the bus card as well as the other things included in LiU's accommodation package. The accommodation is only available after 12:00 on 27 June and until 12:00 on 26 July 2025. Students who intend to spend time in Sweden before or after these dates must arrange additional accommodation on their own. If you have any complaints regarding the accommodation you must promptly contact Heimstaden customer service at

Social programme

LiU student hosts always take good care of our LiU Summer Academy students and organise different kinds of social activities to ensure you make the most of your stay in Sweden. Here is a list of some of the planned social activities.

Excursions and activities

Please note all short trips and excursions are at the student's own expense but most activities are covered by LiU.


Royal palace in Stockholm

A short trip to Sweden's capital city Stockholm is on an international students' bucket list. Join your LiU student hosts and Summer Academy peers for an overnight stay at a cosy hostel in Stockholm. Enjoy a guided tour in Stockholm on land and sea, and a picnic in Tantolunden, a beautiful park in the southern part of central Stockholm. After the check-in at 15:00, you will have time to explore the rest of this fascinating city on your own.

Date: 12-13 July
Price: approximately 1700 SEK


Take a day tour to the picturesque medieval town of Vadstena, less than an hour from Linköping. Perched on Lake Vättern, the beautiful and historic surroundings are a must-see for international students. Includes a guided tour of Vadstena Castle and you will also visit Naturum Tåkern, an astonishing bird wildlife preserve, and one of Sweden's oldest rune stones called Rökstenen (the Smoke stone).

Date: 5 July
Price: approximately 500 SEK

Exercise pass

Swedes enjoy regular exercise, whether it's soccer, floorball or cross-country skiing.
Campushallen is located on campus Valla and offers everything from indoor cycling, yoga and classes like Bodypump to volleyball and badminton. Please find more information on Campushallen's website.

Social activities

During the first week, we will offer social activities almost every night and throughout July we will continue to organise fun events for LiU Summer Academy students.
During the summer stay we plan to organise for example:

  • Welcome dinner (28 June) Price: approximately 500 SEK
  • Potluck dinner
  • Nordic pentathlon
  • Swedish fika
  • Barbecue
  • Games
  • Hiking

Arrival day

Checklist for arrival day 27 June 2025

  • Send an email to if you arrive outside of the opening hours (12:00-20:00) on the 27 June and want to book the extended pick-up service between 20:00-23:59. Please observe the pick-up service is only available on 27 June.
  • Download the map to the pick-up point on your phone.
  • Take the bus arranged by LiU to the Zenit building at Campus Valla.
  • Walk to Studenthuset, which is located close by.
  • At Studenthuset, activate your LiU ID and pick up your accommodation key
  • Take our shuttle transport to your accommodation

Pick-up service on 27 June 2025

LiU provides a shuttle bus pick-up service when arriving in Linköping (at the airport or the train and bus station called Linköpings resecentrum) on 27 June. The timetable for the shuttle bus will be published later (the timetable also shows the way you walk from the train station to the bus station, where the pick-up will be located. If you arrive at the Linköping airport the bus pick-up spot is right outside the terminal). If you choose to go directly to the registration building at campus Valla (Studenthuset) you must organise transportation by yourself.

Arrival after the 27 June 2025

It is recommended to arrive during the official arrival day as LiU has very limited resources to hand out the key on weekends. If you arrive outside opening hours, you are expected to arrange your own transportation and accommodation until you can come and pick up the key. We offer key handover twice a day over the weekend 28-29 June. Send an email to to book an appointment. 

Planning your travel to LiU

In this article, you can read about how to get to LiU if you arrive in Sweden by plane, train or bus.
Read more: Planning your travel to LiU

Visa information

EU/EEA citizens are allowed to stay in Sweden without a residence permit for up to three months, however, different rules apply to non-EU/EEA students. Some foreign nationals must have a visa to enter Sweden.

If you need a visa, as soon as you have received the acceptance to LiU Summer Academy, the visa application process should start. We are unable to assist in this process. For more information, please contact your nearest Swedish embassy or consulate.

If you need a visa, please read about the terms and conditions of the visa at the Swedish Migration Agency website. You apply for the visa at the closest embassy or consulate as you are studying for less than 90 days.
Read more: Sweden Abroad - list of embassies

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