The Research and Development Unit for Skin and Cultured Cells


Autologous keratinocytes and stem cells can be expanded, differentiated and combined with other types of cells and/or biomaterials to create variable options for skin regeneration.


Simple and safe skin regenerative solution for burn victims and chronic wound patients.

Research strategy

The unit has two research directions for skin regeneration. The first direction is based on isolating the patient’s keratinocytes and applying them to the wound area, with or without pre-expansion in culture. The current research in this direction involves optimizing the laboratory procedure towards the European Directives controlling the advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMP). The second direction is based on stem cell differentiation into epidermal cells. Several ongoing studies are investigating different strategies to enhance the differentiation. For both types of cells, a multilayer skin construct established, with or without biomaterials, will serve as a possible clinical solution for large skin defects. Currently, we are finalizing our application for our first clinical trial, using autologous cultured keratinocytes for severe burn victims.

Our projects are funded by Region Östergötland and ATMP Sweden.

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