Ethnicity, Identity and Agency

Alexandras Ålund´s research spans a widearray of issues connected to migration and integration. Recentlyher focus has been on the formation of ethnically grounded political movements. 

Aleksandra Ålund received her education at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Umeå University and Uppsala University, Sweden. She got her PhD in sociology at Umeå University. She is a professor at The Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society - REMESO - at Linköping University. Her research focus is on migration, especially gender, youth, ethnicity, social movements, social exclusion/inclusion, civic activism, identity and cultural production. She has been published in Swedish, English and many other languages.

Presently she works with projects on Urban justice movements (2014-2017).

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Network and Collaborations

Member of the international scientific board of the international networking programme: RECODE: Responding to Complex Diversity in Europe and Canada (2009-2014-)
Member (2009-2015-) of Swedish MOST (Management of Social Transformation) International Social Science Program at UNESCO. 
Member of RC5 (ISA, International sociological association, Research Committee)
Member of ESA (European sociological association)
Member of IMISCOE; International migration and social cohesion in Europe, International scientific network 
Member of Scientific advisory board of the International Migration and Development Network (INMD)   (2014-)
Editorial Board Member of Social Inclusion 
Editorial Board Member of Revija za Sociologiju 
Editorial Board Member of Migracijske i etničke teme 

Member of VR (Swedish Research Council) supported research links programme (2014-2016): “Governance versus “management” of migration. What space for civil society?
An extended case study of the global forum on migration and development”. Including Sweden, Linkoping University, (ISV/REMESO), Turkey, University of Ankara and México, University of Zacatecas.


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