Division of Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO)

REMESO is an institute answering to the Vice Chancellor and
a unit within ISV for interdisciplinary research, education and knowledge
exchange on trans-national migration, ethnic diversity and citizenship in light of economic transformations and labour market changes.

REMESO gather researchers from several departments and runs a PhD program in Ethnic and Migration Studies, an International Graduate School in Migration, Ethnicity and Society,  the Bachelors program Social and Cultural Analysis (SKA) and an international Master programme in Ethnic and Migrations Studies.

Associate Professor Anders Neergaard is Director of the Institute and Professor Stefan Jonsson is Deputy Director. Associate professor Branka Likic-Brboric is head of the unit. 

REMESO develops a multilevel approach to migration, ethnicity and society. The research relates individual experience, local community development and civil society to the restructuring of the labour market, changing frameworks of citizenship and welfare. Thus the research agenda includes policy and practices of governments, public agencies, NGO´s, media, firms and trade unions, contextualised by national state transformations, globalisation and regional integration. REMESO's research also includes projects linking migration and ethnicity to post-colonial historical developments, education and health issues.

Forte has recently evaluated REMESO’s first ten years as an Institute. Read the self-evaluation report and Fortes evaluation below.

REMESO´s research is organized into five Streams:

  • Migration, Welfare and the Political Economy of Labour Market Segmentation
  • Globalisation and the Reconstitution of Normative and Legal Frameworks
  • Post-National Strategies for Growth, Inclusion and Diversity
  • Citizenship and Ethnic Relations: Social, Cultural and Historical Perspectives
  • Migration, Public Service and Health


See all projects in REMEOS´s research database >>



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