Photo of Alessandro Dell´Amico

Alessandro Dell´Amico

Adjunct Associate Professor



Marcos Paulo Nostrani, Henrique Raduenz, Alessandro Dell Amico, Petter Krus, Victor J. de Negri (2023) Multi-Chamber Actuator Using Digital Pump for Position and Velocity Control Applied in Aircraft International Journal of Fluid Power, Vol. 24 Continue to DOI


Felix Larsson, Christopher Reichenwallner, Alessandro Dell'Amico, Petter Krus (2021) An ontological approach for classifying aircraft actuators Proceedings of ICAS2021, Shanghai, China, 6th-10th September, 2021.


Samuel Kärnell, Amy Rankka, Alessandro Dell'Amico, Liselott Ericson (2020) Digital pumps in speed-controlled systems: an energy study for a loader crane application


Samuel Kärnell, Alessandro Dell'Amico, Liselott Ericson (2018) Simulation and validation of a wobble plate pump with a focus on check valve dynamics 2018 Global Fluid Power Society PhD Symposium (GFPS) Continue to DOI


Alessandro Dell'Amico (2016) On Electrohydraulic Pressure Control for Power Steering Applications: Active Steering for Road Vehicles