Fluid and Mechatronic Systems (FLUMES)

The division Fluid and Mechatronic Systems belongs to Department of Management and Engineering and carries out research and education in fluid power systems and aeronautics.


We have the largest university laboratory for fluid power systems in Sweden. Key words for our research is efficiency and system dynamics. The characteristics of our research projects is a close connection between the fluid and mechatronic systems, propulsion systems, power transmission, actuator system, sensors and control systems. Our research philosophy is a strong combination of theory and experimental research. We conduct research in three main fields:

  • Aircraft design and aircraft systems
  • Fluid power systems and components
  • Modelling, simulation and optimization

Our research is in close cooperation with industry and other research groups. Every fourth year we organise The Scandinavian Conference in Fluid Power (SICFP), one of the largest fluid power conferences in Europe.


We are giving courses in fluid power systems and aircraft design at both basic and advanced levels to around 300 engineering students each year. Our undergraduate courses are taken mainly by students in Mechanical Engineering. We provide the most comprehensive education in fluid power systems, with the possibility of specialisation at the advanced level. It is also possible to make a thesis project within the subject mechatronics, fluid power systems and aircraft design either in a company or within our laboratory. We are the only university in Sweden how gives advanced courses in fluid power systems.

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Linköping University
Department of Management and Engineering
Division of Fluid and Mechatronic Systems
SE-581 83 Linköping

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Hans Meijers väg
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Campus Valla

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