Photo of Alexis Papamichail

Alexis Papamichail

PhD student



Alexis Papamichail (2023) Hot-wall MOCVD for advanced GaN HEMT structures and improved p-type doping
Hengfang Zhang, Jr-Tai Chen, Alexis Papamichail, Ingemar Persson, Plamen Paskov, Vanya Darakchieva (2023) High-quality N-polar GaN optimization by multi-step temperature growth process Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 603, Article 127002 Continue to DOI
Alexis Papamichail, Axel Persson, Steffen Richter, Philipp Kuhne, Vallery Stanishev, Per O A Persson, R. Ferrand-Drake Del Castillo, M. Thorsell, H. Hjelmgren, Plamen Paskov, N. Rorsman, Vanya Darakchieva (2023) Tuning composition in graded AlGaN channel HEMTs toward improved linearity for low-noise radio-frequency amplifiers Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 122, Article 153501 Continue to DOI
Hengfang Zhang, Ingemar Persson, Jr-Tai Chen, Alexis Papamichail, Dat Tran, Per O A Persson, Plamen P. Paskov, Vanya Darakchieva (2023) Polarity Control by Inversion Domain Suppression in N-Polar III-Nitride Heterostructures Crystal Growth & Design, Vol. 23, p. 1049-1056 Continue to DOI


Axel Persson, Alexis Papamichail, Vanya Darakchieva, Per O Å Persson (2022) Mg segregation at inclined facets of pyramidal inversion domains in GaN:Mg Scientific Reports, Vol. 12, Article 17987 Continue to DOI