I will study biofuel cell driven microactuators.

I received my bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Automatics and Electronics, at Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in 2018. I wrote my BSc thesis about biocompatible alginate-based hydrogel 3D bioprinting at Centro Laser UPM and graduated with honours.

In 2020, I came for my Erasmus exchange studies to LiU, where I finalized my Industrial Engineering master's degree and wrote my MSc thesis at IFM. I studied the performance of polypyrrol-based artificial muscles in different electrolytes under the supervision of Jose Martinez and Edwin Jager.
In January 2021, I started my PhD at Sensor and Actuator Systems. I will study biofuel cell driven microactuators. My tasks will be the optimization of the electrochemical cell parameters, and the electronics design and control of the microactuator.

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