Anders Fridberger

Head of Department, Professor

Inner ear sensory cells are amazing little creatures that react to movements of less than a billionth of a meter. In my research, I try to understand how this is possible and we are also trying to find new ways to treat and prevent hearing loss.

Looking into the beauty of hearing

Nature's technology to hear is beautiful, ingenious and fascinating

Innerörat på en hamster
The sensory cells in the ear are amazing creatures capable of detecting sound-evoked motions smaller than a billionth of a meter. 

Anders Fridberger i labbet
I am a researcher working to understand how this is possible, and trying to find ways of combating hearing loss.

As a medical student, I started a research project in the lab of Åke Flock and Mats Ulfendahl at Karolinska Institutet. When seeing the organ of Corti through an operating microscope, I was struck by the beauty of the almost perfect spiral of glittering Hensen cells and sensory cells, whose function at the time was very poorly known. The inner ear continues to fascinate me and I still want to know how it works. 

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Selected Publications

Tetsuji Yamashita, Pierre Hakizimana, Siva Wu, Ahmed Hassan, Stefan Jacob, Jamshid Temirov, Jie Fang, Marcia Mellado-Lagarde, Richard Gursky, Linda Horner, Barbara Leibiger, Sara Leijon, Victoria E Centonze, Per-Olof Berggren, Sharon Frase, Manfred Auer, William E Brownell, Anders Fridberger, Jian Zuo (2015)

PLOS Genetics , Vol.11 Continue to DOI

Sripriya Ramamoorthy, Dingjun Zha, Fangyi Chen, Steven L. Jacques, Ruikang Wang, Niloy Choudhury, Alfred L. Nuttall, Anders Fridberger (2014)

Journal of Neuroscience , Vol.34 , s.9051-9058 Continue to DOI

Pierre Hakizimana, William E Brownell, Stefan Jacob, Anders Fridberger (2012)

Nature Communications , Vol.3 Continue to DOI

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About me
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  • 2013 --  
    Professor, Linköping University
  • 2010--2013
    Senior lecturer, Karolinska Institutet
  • 2006
    Associate professor, Karolinska Institutet


Other assignments

  • Main supervisor of one doctoral student, co-supervisor of two doctoral students
  • Four postdocs in the research group 
  • Member of the board of governors of the Dept of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
  • Member of the faculty recruitment committee
  • Member, CBR board
  • Member of the board of the Strategic Research Area for Systems Neurobiology
  • Member of study section MH-D3 at the Swedish Research Council
  • Member of the Strategic Research Area for Systems Neurobiology, LiU



  • Medical students
  • Master's programme in Biomedicine



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