Power, Racism and Resistance

Why and how does inequality arise on the labour market? Why do extreme right wing racist parties grow in Sweden and Europe? How is solidarity created between workers and why do unions have difficulties in representing workers of foreign background? My research focuses on power and resistance, especially related to discrimination, racialization and racism.

My research spans several fields. One interest is recruitment practices and working life careers with a focus on ethnicity / racialisation, class and gender. Especially various processes that create and reproduce inequality - discrimination and the importance of social capital. An important feature of this research is also organizational theory, ie what I call institutional practices.

A second field is a political sociology focus on on extreme right-wing populism and racism and how populism in Europe has created new forms of political racism. Who participates in these parties and movements? Can women become active, although these movements pursue anti-feminist politics? How can people with foreign background join in spite of their battle against migrants and migration?

A third field of research is related to forms of collective organization - especially the intersection between class and ethnicity / racialisation, but also gender. I am particularly interested in how migrant workers collective organisation, with a focus on trade unions and migrant organizations.

Outside of my main themes, I am also engaged in research on the Third World and North-South relationship, mainly through a perspective of political sociology and postcolonial theory. My interest is to understand the role of the state, both internally and in a global political system, combined with issues of an emerging global civil society.

Since 2011, I am Deputy Director at REMESO, and, with Professor Carl-Ulrik Schierup,  I am responsible for the Research and Publication Group. In addition I'm a supervisor for PhD candidates and a teacher at undergraduate and graduate level.

Ongoing research projects

Beyond Racism: Ethnographies of Anti-racism and Conviviality.
Trade unions, Migrant Workers and Extreme Right-wing Support.
Counter-Movement of the Precariat? 
Civil Societies Organisations and Educational Achievements 
Women and Migrants within the Sweden Democrats
Equal Work-Places in a World of Inequality 
Informalisation, Labour Migrants and Irregular Migrants


Preschool Teacher Education programme
Programme in Social and Cultural analysis
nternational Master programme in Ethnic and Migrations Studies
Graduate School in Migration, Ethnicity and Society
PhD programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies

Collaborations and networks

Forte(1)-Network “Irregular Migration and Irregular Migrants”
Antirasistiska akademin 

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