Disaster Medicine and Traumatology

My goal is to strengthen disaster medicine as an academic discipline and to develop traumatology as a clinical research area within the Swedish context.

My commitment as professor in disaster medicine and traumatology at BKV is to study disastrous events on both individual and societal levels to better understand how they occur, how they can be prevented, and how best to act once such events have occurred. We are an interdisciplinary research group with a unique diversity in expertise, and much of our research is focused on how to respond quicker and better after disasters and traumatic events.


Andreas WladisPresenting at the seminar 'Framtidens skadeplats', the accident site of tomorrow, as newly appointed professor in disaster medicine. Photo credit: Susanna Lönnqvist







  • Senior lecturer, Surgery
  • Senior consultant, Surgery 
  • Chief Surgeon of The International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC
  • Subject specialist in disaster medicine for The National Board of Health and Welfare