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Annika Heslyk


I'm responsible for the physiotherapy program.


As program manager, I am responsible for the quality work within the physiotherapy program. Among other things, it is about stimulating educational innovation and educational development. Being involved and creating the conditions for students on the road to a profession is exciting and feels incredibly meaningful.

The rest of the time I work as a teacher. Interprofessional learning is something that I have brought with me from my clinical background in neurological rehabilitation as well as something that I actively engaged in at the Faculty of Medicine. My position also includes being an academic coordinator for international student and teacher exchanges for the Physiotherapist program.

Together with students, teachers and researchers, we develop and work for the program to continue to be one of the country's best Physiotherapy programs!

My hope is that the students will graduate from our program and enrich and develop the labour market with inspiring ideas and have the skills to act in the new arenas of the future.

About me


  • Physiotherapist Uppsala 1984
  • Master program in physiotherapy, Linköping University 2010
  • Many years of clinical experience as an active physiotherapist in neurological rehabilitation
  • Teacher at the Physiotherapist program since 2011
  • International academic coordinator
  • Program manager at the physical therapist program since 2019

Fields of teaching

  • Physiotherapist Program:
    Engaged in teaching all semesters in the form of lectures, workshops and seminars mainly around theories and models in:

    professional approach
    professional development
    cultural competence
    conversation practice
    behavioural medicine and pedagogy and in the interprofessional teaching
  • I am also a basic group supervisor, supervise scientific in-depth work and master's theses and am an examiner.


  • Program Committee, Physiotherapist Program
  • Chairman of the Program Committee, the Physiotherapist Program
  • Member of the Board of Education
  • Member of IAT, international affairs team
  • Deputy coordinator for Sweden in ENPHE, European Network for Physiotherapy Education



Annika Lindh Falk, Johanna Dahlberg, Mattias Ekstedt, Annika Heslyk, Per Whiss, Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren (2015) Creating spaces for interprofessional learning: strategic revision of a common IPL curriculum in undergraduate programs Interprofessional education in Europe: policy and practice, p. 49-66