Division of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Community Medicine (PRNV)

We are an interdisciplinary division with research and education in occupational therapy, physical therapy and clinical medicine.

The division consists of three different units; the Unit for Occupational Therapy, the Unit for Physical Therapy and the Unit for Clinical Medicine (geriatrics, general medicine, occupational and environmental medicine, pain and rehabilitation medicine).

Physical Therapy and Clinical Medicine are on Campus US in Linköping while Occupational Therapy is in Kåkenhus on Campus Norrköping.

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The department conducts a wide range of world class research in medicine, healthcare and health.

The research projects are often cross-professional and consist of experimental basic research to understand basic physiological mechanisms as well as conditions for movement and activity, patient-close clinical treatment research, epidemiological research and research on how to prevent ill health.

Several research projects are about how to prevent and treat ex cardiovascular disease and diabetes, chronic pain, sports injuries and various forms of disability and activity limitations in everyday life, leisure or work. The research is also about how we can get people of different ages with ill health to have better conditions for participation in society from both a physical, psychological and social perspective.

Our research projects

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9 September 2021

Public disputation in Medical Science: Maria Andreassen

9.00 am – 1.00 pm K1, Campus Norrköping, Norrköping

Maria Andreassen, at the Department for Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences, defends her PhD thesis with the title "Digital Support for People with Cognitive  Impairment – an Intervention to Increase Occupational Performance and Independence". Opponent is Professor Susanne Guidetti, Karolinska institutet. The dissertation will be held in Swedish.


17 September 2021

Public disputation in Medical Science: Sabina Borg

1.00 pm – 6.00 pm Berzelius lecture hall, Campus US, Linköping

Sabina Borg at the Department for Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences, will defend her PhD thesis with the title "Exercise-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Attendance, Adherence and the Added Value of a Behavioural Medicine Intervention". Opponent is professor Joep Perk, Linnéuniversitetet. Because of covid-19 the dissertation might be livestreamed.


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Unit of Clinical Medicine

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House 511, floor 14 and 15

Campus US

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House 5 and 6, entrance 40

Campus Norrköping

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