Photo of Anna Johnsson Harrie

Anna Johnsson Harrie

Associate Professor

Anna Johnsson Harrie, PhD, is a senior lecturer in Pedagogic Practices with focus on teaching and learning in the social sciences.


Anna Johnsson Harrie's PhD thesis deals with the state approval scheme for textbooks that existed in Sweden 1938-1991. She has also studied sponsored teaching materials in civics and the use of textbooks and teaching aids in the social science classroom.

Anna teaches at the teacher education programmes and at PhD-courses at Linköping University.

Academic Degrees 

  • University Diploma in Education for Upper Secondary School (civics and history) at Lund University, 1998
  • Degree of Master of Science (with a major in History), School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, 2002
  • PhD in Pedagogic Practices, Linköping University, 2009



David Ludvigsson, Anna Johnsson Harrie, Martin Stolare, Cecilia Trenter (2020) Skolbarn relaterar till historiska platser
Anna Johnsson Harrie, David Ludvigsson (2020) Samhällsämnenas didaktik Ämnesdidaktik vid Linköpings universitet, p. 19-25


Anna Johnsson Harrie, David Ludvigsson, Mats Sjöberg (2018) Lärarstudenters historiekunskaper och ämneskonception Nordidactica: Journal of Humanities and Social Science Education, Vol. 2, p. 49-77