Division of History, Arts and Religious Studies (HKR)

The division conducts research and education within the subjects of History, Arts and Religious Studies.



Kjell O Lejon.

New perspectives on the Crusades

In the book Tempelherreorden (“The Knights Templar”), church historian Kjell O Lejon has summarised his research on the period of the Crusades. He believes the book is important for understanding contemporary world-wide conflicts.

Virtual worlds and 3D objects – the digital future of museums

Virtual environments or 3D objects printed directly into the classroom. Linköping University and the Museum of Östergötland are starting a research collaboration to find new and better ways to utilise technology.

 Anna Friberg leaning against a large barn gate.

“What exactly do we mean by sustainable development?”

Politicians are unanimous that society must develop in a sustainable manner. But what does this mean? If we are to achieve sustainable development, we must discuss the concept itself.