Photo of Annica Carlsson

Annica Carlsson

Associate Professor



Emma Fältström, Annika Carlsson (2024) Exploring how municipalities address microplastics pollution in stormwater - a case study in a Swedish municipality Journal of Environmental Planning and Management Continue to DOI


John Laurence Esguerra, Annica Carlsson, Stefan Anderberg, Joakim Johansson (2023) Trade-offs between material efficiency and environmental performance for managing plastics packaging waste Proceeding of the 11th International Conference on Industrial Ecology


Katherine Shabb, Kes McCormick, Selma Mujkic, Stefan Anderberg, Jenny Palm, Annica Carlsson (2022) Launching the Mission for 100 Climate Neutral Cities in Europe: Characteristics, Critiques, and Challenges Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, Vol. 3, Article 817804 Continue to DOI