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Anna Moberg

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Louise Arntsberg, Sara Fernberg, Ann-Sofie Berger, Katarina Hedin, Anna Moberg (2024) Management and documentation of pneumonia - a comparison of patients consulting primary care and emergency care Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care Continue to DOI


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Martin Holmbom, Maria Andersson, Sören Berg, Dan Eklund, Pernilla Sobczynski, Daniel Wilhelms, Anna Moberg, Mats Fredrikson, Åse Balkhed Östholm, Håkan Hanberger (2021) Prehospital delay is an important risk factor for mortality in community-acquired bloodstream infection (CA-BSI): a matched case-control study BMJ Open, Vol. 11, Article e052582 Continue to DOI


Anna Moberg, Anna Ravell Jensen, Jakob Paues, Magnus Falk (2020) C-reactive protein influences the doctors degree of suspicion of pneumonia in primary care: a prospective observational study European Journal of General Practice, Vol. 26, p. 210-216 Continue to DOI