Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Dynamics 

Annika Rickne is Professor of Industrial Organisation in the field of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Dynamics (adjunct) at the Department of Management and Engineering, at Linköping University. 

Rickne has published well-cited studies in journals such as Research Policy, Industry and Innovation, Science and Public Policy and Small Business Economics, and has coedited several books. She analyses issues of entrepreneurship, innovation and industrial dynamics at various levels – within technology-based organisations, at the sectoral level, and within innovation systems – and draws conclusions for strategy as well as for policy. Her interest is economic growth initiated by new scientific or technological knowledge, creating opportunities that reshape existing knowledge fields and industries or gives rise to the evolution of new ones. This involves issues of public policies as well as firm and university strategies and behaviour, of commercialization in the form of new firms or the diversification of established ones, and of the role of globalization versus regional arenas. Her research approach spans from, for example, case studies of researcher’s motives, through surveys of firm strategies and bibliometric studies, to interview based analysis of policy development.

Annika Rickne earned her Ph.D. in Technology Management from Chalmers University of Technology in 2000, and was named reader (Docent) at Lund University in 2005. She has held positions at Chalmers University of Technology (School of Technology Management), Lund University (CIRCLE), the Dahmén Institute, the University of Gothenburg (Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

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Academic Degrees

  • 2000
    Ph.D. in Technology Management, Chalmers University of Technology

  • 2005
    Reader (Docent), Lund University

  • 2010
    Professor, University of Gothenburg


Innovation, entrepreneurship, innovation systems, industrial dynamics


Visual Sweden

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Current research includes

  • The growth of the field of visualisation and image analysis
  • Knowledge formation for renewable energy in Mozambique
  • Policies and strategies for regenerative medicine in California


Selected previous research projects

  • The dynamics of the ICT sector
  • Customer involvement in innovation
  • How and why academic scientist in biotech and nanotech engage in industrial activities



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Nilsson, M., Hillman, K. Rickne, A., and Magnusson, T. (Eds.) (2012): Paving the Road to Sustainable Transport, - Governance and Innovation in Low-Carbon Vehicles, Routledge, NY.

Rickne, A., Laestadius, S. and Etzkowitz, H, (Eds.) (2012): Innovation governance in an open economy - Shaping regional nodes in a globalized world, Routledge, NY.

Asheim, B.T., Ejermo, O. and Rickne, A. (Eds.) (2010), When is Regional “Beautiful”? Implications for Knowledge Flows, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Routledge.

McKelvey, M., A. Rickne and J. Laage-Hellman (Editors) (2004): The Economic Dynamics of Modern Biotechnologies: Europe in Global Trends, Edward Elgar Publishing Co.

Bergek, A., Jacobsson, S., Carlsson, B., Lindmark, S. and Rickne, A. (2008) Analyzing the Functional Dynamics of Technological Innovation Systems: A scheme of analysis, Research Policy, Vol. 37, Issue 3, April 2008, pp. 407-429.

Beyhan, B. and Rickne, A. (2015): Motivations of academics to interact with industry: The case of nanoscience, International Journal of Technology Management, Special Issue on 'University-Business Cooperation: Individuals and organisations at the interface', Vol. 68, No.3/4  pp. 159 – 175.

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