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Anna Storm


My research focuses on “industrial afterlives”, that is, the lingering effects of industrial activities and their social, cultural, and environmental expressions.

How to live with ambiguous pasts in changing industrial landscapes

My research interests are centered on industrial and post-industrial landscapes and their transformation, comprising both cultural and "natural" environments, in physical and imaginary sense. Such landscapes challenge the way we understand ecology, aesthetics, memory and heritage, and trigger concerns about power relations.

I hold a PhD in the History of Technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and am Associate Professor (Swedish “Docent”) in Human Geography from Stockholm University. Previously I have had positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment), Stockholm University (Department of Human Geography) and Södertörn University (Centre for Baltic and East European Studies, CBEES, and the Institute of Contemporary History, SHI). Since 2019 I am Professor of Technology and Social Change at Linköping University.

Video presentation

Anna Storm, professor of Technology and Social Change 

The professor installation is usually part of the academic festival that takes place once a year. As a result of Covid-19, the 2020 holiday was postponed and held on 4 September 2021 in the Student House. In connection with this, this short video presentation was produced.



For a list of publications and other relevant experiences, see CV on LinkedIn.


Kristine Krumberga, Anna Storm (2024) Cold war heritage dissonance and disinheritance as a heritage alternative: the case of soviet military remnants in the Baltic states International Journal of Heritage Studies (IJHS) Continue to DOI
Thomas P. Keating, Anna Storm (2024) 100,000 years and counting: how do we tell future generations about highly radioactive nuclear waste repositories?
Marko Marila, Hannah Klaubert, Sergiu Novac, Axel Sievers, Rebecca Öhnfeldt, Anna Storm (2024) Nuclear Natures: A Concept Explored in Six Briefs


Arne Kaijser, Anna Storm, Thomas Kaiserfeld, Jonas Anshelm, Elam Mark, Per Högselius, Linda Soneryd, Göran Sundqvist (2023) Stoppa de enorma kreditgarantierna till kärnkraft Svenska Dagbladet, 16 november
Arne Kaijser, Anna Storm, Thomas Kaiserfeld, Jonas Anshelm, Mark Elam, Per Högselius, Linda Soneryd, Göran Sundqvist (2023) Låt investerare bedöma riskerna - inte staten Svenska Dagbladet, 21 november

Media appearances

Media appearances in English, since 2019

  • Annica Hesser ”Their mission: Warning future humanity about buried nuclear waste” LiU Magazine, nr 2/2022, interview together with Thomas Keating, s. 4–6.
  • The Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, Ågesta R3: A ripple in time, 35 min, produced by New Story Space, interviewed for the film, 2022. Available on and at the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska museet) in Stockholm.


Photo credits 

  • Nuclear Natures. Dounreay nuclear power station in northern Scotland. In the foreground grazing sheep, in the background the North Sea. Photo: Anna Storm
  • Nuclear Memory. Radioactive hotspot marked with a warning sign, Chernobyl, Ukraine. Photo: Jorge Franganillo from Barcelona, Spain, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Nuclearwaters. The reactor hall with the reactor basin at Barsebäck nuclear power plant in southern Sweden. Photo: Anna Storm
  • NuSPACES. Exhibition on nuclear power and history connected to Barsebäck nuclear power plant in southern Sweden. Photo: Anna Storm
  • Cold War Coasts. Decaying military remnants at the Baltic Sea coast at Karosta in Latvia. Photo: Andrzej Otrębski, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Atomic Heritage. Control panel in the control room at Barsebäck nuclear power plant in southern Sweden. Photo: Anna Storm


Graduate and undergraduate teaching

I am involved in teaching at Linköping University with individual lectures and seminars in first, second and third cycle.

Doctoral supervision and mentorship

Doctoral students at other universities

Achim Klüppelberg (since 2018, at KTH)
Siegfried Evens (since 2018, at KTH)
Alicia Gutting (since 2018, at KTH)
Emmeline Laszlo Ambjörnsson (PhD 2021, at Stockholm University)
Karin Edberg (PhD 2018, at Södertörn University)


Karin Skill (2021 at LiU)
Andrei Stsiapanau (2020–2021 at KTH and LiU)
Kasia Keely (2016 at Södertörn University)
Natasha Webster (2015–2016 at Stockholm University)