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My research centers on managing and organizing of innovative work across organizational boundaries in settings that are more or less temporary. 

More specifically, from an organizational behavior perspective, my research explores the human side of engaging in inter-organizational collaboration for innovation, often from a collaboration-centric perspective (as opposed to firm-centric). To that end I have studied issues such as managerial practices and roles, organizing principles, , boundary-spanning, processes and practices of knowledge creation and capture, organizational creativity, and design methods supporting collaboration. 

I have extensive experience of conducting research projects in close collaboration with practitioners (so called collaborative or action research).

I publish my research in journals such as R&D management, Creativity and Innovation Management, Journal of Applied Behavioral Psychology, and International Journal of Innovation Management.

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My teaching, primarily on Master's level, centers around the topics of Innovation management and Organisation & Leadership (Organizational Behavior).

  • TEIO90 Innovationsledning
  • TEIO13 Ledarskap och förändring
  • TEIO47 Industriell Projektledning
  • TEIO07 Avancerad Projektorganisation

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