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Åsa Svenfelt

Associate Professor

Associate professor in Urban and Regional planning. My research concerns long-term planning for sustainable consumption and just transitions to sustainable societies.

Long-term planning for sustainable and just futures

My research concerns long-term planning for sustainable and just transitions. I am docent in sustainable development and future studies. I explore what strategies, solutions and changes may be needed to achieve sustainable societies. In my research, I often use participatory future studies as a tool, both to visualize and analyze paths towards sustainable futures and to deal with uncertainties in long-term urban and regional planning.

Presently, the research focuses on projects on sustainable consumption linked to the research program Mistra Sustainable Consumption.

In the "Practices" project, changes and measures that could enable sustainable consumption will be tested in practice. It involves, for example, following a number of households when they try to consume more sustainably, in order to better understand what prevents and enables such a transition. Another example is studying whether work time reduction could promote both well-being and sustainable consumption.

In the "Frames" project, we explore what sustainable consumption could be and should be in the future, according to different groups and from different perspectives. We organize visioning workshops to enable the creation of new stories about consumption and ways of living in the future. These can take place in different municipalities and regions in Sweden, and in communities in different parts of the world. In the project, funding for artists will also be announced, and their interpretations of sustainable consumption in the future will eventually be displayed in an exhibition at Virserum's art gallery.

In the project "Changing the game of consumption" (Project leader: associate professor Ola Leifler) a mega-format role-playing game is developed, for 100-200 people. In the game, players get to explore different ways of planning for sustainable consumption by being assigned a role related to the transition. Through the game format, discussion and reflection is created about what roles different actors can have, and how they influence each other and what kind of change will happen. The megagame format is a large-scale social simulation, based on Mistra Sustainable Consumption research.



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