Photo of Björn Stafstedt

Björn Stafstedt

Communications Officer


I am in charge of the Marketing Office, which consists of some 15 people. It includes marketers, project managers and coordinators, who utilise a range of channels and activities to reach LiU’s target groups.

The Marketing Office is responsible for the Commencement Ceremony, the Kalas student reception, alumni relations and campaigns/activities aimed at student recruitment and at promoting LiU’s excellent research and collaboration with society. An important part of our work is to nurture LiU’s position as an innovative university, and to show how we live up to the aim of “enabling individuals to take on the challenges of the day”.

As office head, my duties include staff management and coaching, operations planning, budget, follow-up, recruitment, annual staff assessments, salary negotiations and other staff-related matters.

After several years as journalist and communications officer at a number of private and public-sector workplaces, I’m happy to be back at Linköping University, and to have the privilege of working with a particularly important issue: how knowledge and research can bring benefits to society.

Communications and Marketing Division