Photo of Carl-Ulrik Schierup

Carl-Ulrik Schierup

Professor Emeritus

Critical Studies on Precarity, Citizenship and Subaltern Movements

Carl-Ulrik Schierup merges political economy with sociology and cultural studies in studies on migration and the precarisation of labour, citizenship, multiculturalism, ethnicity, populism and racism, new and old social movements.

Carl-Ulrik Schierup holds doctoral degrees in social anthropology and sociology. He has led a number of research projects and programmes and was between 2017 and 2017 the Director of REMESO Institute for Research on Migration, Etnicity and Society. His major current focus is on race and class, social movement unionism, new social movements and subaltern struggles for reclaiming the commons under conditions of neoliberal globalisation.

Schierup’s earlier work includes studies on migration and socialism and on ethno-national conflicts, war and social reconstruction in post-communism with a particular focus on former Yugoslavia and its successor states. Major publications include the book Migration, Socialism and the International Division of Labour from 1991 and the edited book Scramble for the Balkans from 1999. A series of studies of migration and ethnic relations in Sweden includes the book Paradoxes of Multiculturalism from 1991 and a forthcoming edited book Reimagineering the Nation (2016). A number of comparative studies of migration, the political economy of social exclusion/inclusion and changing configurations of citizenship have been published in, among other, the book Migration, Citizenship and the European Welfare State from 2006, the edited volume Migration, Precarity and Global Governance from 2015 and a  volume on Politics of Precarity (2016) focusing on migrant conditions, struggles and experiences under conditions of precarious work and a fracturing citizenship.  Se below for a list of recent publications, or follow link to publication database.  

Research Projects


“Counter-Movement of the Precariat? Global Governance, Labour Market Restructuring and Strategies for Migrant Workers' Rights”. 2009-17 (with Branka Likić-Brborić, Aleksandra Ålund, Anders Neergaard (REMESO) and scholars from Turkey, Mexico, Germany, South Africa, Ireland, Cyprus, Denmark and the United States).
“Paradoxes of Liberalism. Multiculturalism, Nation, and Politics of Belonging”. 2010-17 (with Aleksandra Ålund and Anders Neergaard)


“Migration, Citizenship, and the Welfare State: Comparative Perspectives on social Inclusion and Exclusion”. 1995-2015.
“Labour Rights as Human Rights? Migration, Labour Market Restructuring, and the Role of Civil Society in Global Governance”. 2010-13.
“Trade unions, globalization and transnational solidarity”. 2009-12.
“Social Networks and Institutional Discrimination: A Comparative Study of Recruitment in Large Organisations”. 2006-10 (with Anders Neergaard and Alireza Behtouih).
“Education, Work and Civic Agency in the Multiethnic Metropolis”. 2004-09 (with Aleksandra Ålund).




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