What counts as natural in a world of environmental change, human climate impact, poisoning and plastics in the oceans? What counts as human in a technolical society with synthetic biology and digital citizens? In the field of gender, nature, culture, I investigate existential, ethical and more-than-human issues that are raised in our post-natural time.

To meet the challenges of the future, I develop the feminist analysis tools in the humanities and social sciences for the more-than-human (animal, technology, nature) and perhaps too human condition we are in. Over the years I have developed interdisciplinary gender research (2005 I defended my dissertation with the first gender science dissertation in Sweden), posthumanities and more-than-human cultural studies (based on feminist theory, science and technology studies and multispecies studies) and environmental-oriented humanities (2013 I founded the Swedish-international research program in environmental humanities, The Seed Box). Right now I am developing an interdisciplinary subdivision into these three areas, marine humanities.

My research group, The Posthumanities Hub, has been a lively feminist platform since 2008 for various projects, international networks, art and communication, guest researchers, natural and cultural scientists who meet in creativity and curiosity across university, national and disciplinary boundaries. In various projects at The Posthumanities Hub, we create meetings for art, science, theory and society based on very interdisciplinary humanities.

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