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Christina Andreae

I am RN, PhD. My research is to improve nutrition in persons with heart failure.

Nutrition in persons with heart failure

My research focuses on nutrition with focus on appetite and dietary intake. The goal is to increase knowledge on how to optimize nutritional intake to prevent or delay the development of malnutrition.

Decreased appetite is common in people with heart failure, especially in episodes of worsening heart failure. After hospitalization, appetite gradually improves but is still a problem more a year later. Heart failure-related symptoms such as fatigue and mental illness contribute to up to three times worse appetite compared to people without these symptoms. In the longer term, poor nutrition intake can lead to malnutrition, affecting both morbidity and prognosis. Both appetite and diet variety have an impact on food quality, and research suggests that a varied diet appears to play a particularly important role in nutrient intake. Nutrition should be an integrated part in cardiovascular nursing, with appetite and dietary intake being important areas to follow-up and to formulate strategies to promote dietary intake.


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