Nutritional intake in heart disease

Varied diet, right fat and reduced salt and sugar intake form the basis of good health. Following these recommendations may seem easy, but in practice difficult to achieve which can lead to a lack of essential nutrients and malnutrition. My research focuses on nutritional intake in patients with heart disease with special attention to nutrition quality, dietary patterns, disease specific, physical and psychosocial factors.

My employer and my role at LiU
I am employed at the Medical Department, Mälarsjukhuset Eskilstuna, Region Sörmland. I have the privilege to combine research with clinical work and care development. My role at LiU is tutoring nursing students and I am postdoc in a research project led by associate professor Staffan Nilsson which investigates how problem-based learning as a method can improve health outcome in heart disease, the coronary heart disease in primary care, COR-PRIM study.  

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  • General nurse education, Mälardalen university 1994
  • Intensive care nursing, Mälardalen university 1998
  • Bachelor of Science, Mälardalen university 2008
  • Master of Science, Mälardalen university 2008
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Linköping university 2018
  • Postdoctor, Linköping university 2018


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