Human Resources at IMT and IMH

Aside from supporting management, research leaders and employees in HR-questions, I also monitor advances in labor law, keep routines and guidelines up tp date and communicate changes to the members of staff at my departments. You are welcome to contact me with HR-questions pertaining to my institutions, preferrably by e-mail. 

The HR function at IMT 

I coach and support managers, employees and groups with for example: Interpreting labour law and collective agreements
Recruitment and terms of employment
Health and rehablilitation 
Working environment and equal terms

The HR function at IMH

My mission at IMH is primarily to work with the competence supply chain. I maintain processes and routines as well as coach and support managers and research leaders in the recruitment of staff in all parts of our department. That means I work with everything from bussiness analysis for recruitment (nationally as well as internationally), detailing specifications and ads, interviews, introductions of recent hires, ensurances pertaining to employment and appraisals when someone ends their employment, amongst other things.Other work tasks of mine include relocation of business and handling redundancies. 

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Internal networks IMT

  • Management team 

  • Local coordination group

  • International administrator-network

  • Human Resource-arena

Internal networks IMH

  • Environmental group

  • Local coordinator group

  • International administrator-network

  • Human Resource-arena

Other contact persons related to HR and management - IMT
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Other contact persons related to HR and management - IMH
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