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Christine Ericsson


As HR Partner, I represent Linköping University as an employer and are part of the HR function. The work is both strategic and operational and contributes to organizational and business development.

Human Resources at HMV

As HR partner, I support the operations: the management and employees at HMV, the Department for Diagnostics and Specialist Medicine (DISP), the Department for Nursing and Reproductive Health (ORH) and the Department for Operational Support (VS) in HR issues.

My work is both strategic and operational and contributes to Linköping University's organizational development. You are welcome to contact me about HR issues relating to my divisions. The easiest way to reach me is by e-mail.

I coach and support managers, research leaders and employees with for example:

  • Interpretation of labour law and collective agreements.
  • Recruitment and terms of employment: analysis prior to recruitment (national and international), preparation of requirements specification, advertising, interviews, introduction, and interviews when employees leave their employment, etc. Establishes processes and routines within the area.
  • Health and rehabilitation, including employee survey etc.
  • Work environment and Equal opportunities, including work environment rounds, incidents and work injuries as well as insurance.
  • Overall organizational issues, such as operational plan/business plan and establishing and maintaining the HR processes.

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Internal networks within LiU

  • HMV Management Board
  • HR Arena
  • Working Group for recruitment