Photo of Juliana Musakwa

Juliana Musakwa


I work as an HR-coordinator at the Department of Health, Medicine, and Caring Sciences.

Human Resources at HMV

As an HR-coordinator, I work mainly with support in matter of personnel administration.

That includes:

  • Registrator for Human Resources matters
  • Announcement and employment of amanuenses 
  • Responsible for postdoctoral scholarship announcement and management
  • Support regarding international recruitment before and upon arrival at HMV (Migration Agency, residence, and other matters of establishment)
  • Subsidiary agreements – Establishment of new and extension of agreements for adjunct university lecturer with counterparties 
  • Emeritus appointments
  • Notice
  • Recipient of notifications and work injuries as well as insurance
  • Secretary in HMV’s Local Cooperation Group, LSG
  • Terminal glasses 
  • Insurance card for business trips
  • NOR – The award “For Zeal and Honesty in the Service”
  • CPR training contact person
  • HR-web editor

Internal networks within LiU

  • NISS – National International Staff Support
  • LiU's HR-administrators' network group
  • LiU's Scholarships network group