Photo of Christian Svensson Limsjö

Christian Svensson Limsjö

Associate Professor

Christian Svensson Limsjö is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies. His main research interest are in media, journalism and its relation to democracy and the public sphere. He is director of studies for Media and Communication studies. 

Researcher in media, journalism and tourism

In Christian Svensson Limsjös Ph.d. thesis (Samtal, deltagande och demokrati i svenska TV-debattprogram – Eng. Dialogue, participation and democracy in Swedish TV-debates) he uses conversation analysis and critical discourse analysis to study the democratic potential of Swedish TV-debates. 

He has further written on narrative structures and self-presentation in relation to medias (re)presentation of the Estonia catastrophe, the use of hidden camera in investigative journalism and, more recently, on the intrinsic relationship between media and tourism and how different media agents, in various roles and functions, influence the Swedish tourism sector.
Christian Svensson Limsjö also teaches at Culture, Society and Media production (KSM) and The tourism programme. He has vast experience of planning courses, lecturing, seminars, examining and supervision.







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