Division of Communication, Literature and Swedish (KLS)

We have basic course in Media and Communication Studies (MKV) and educate linguists and literary scholars via independent courses and subject teachers for different levels in the education system.



Woman standing on a ladder by a bookshelf reading a book.

Among noble ladies, literature and politics

What did ladies of the nobility read, and how did they read? Were they active readers who discussed books, and did literature enter their salons to become part of political discussions? Johanna Vernqvist, PhD in literature, takes an interest in this.

Black and white photo on a glimmering lake with trees in front of it.

A new literature on a changed planet

Disaster and endings. These are recurrent themes in literature over the centuries. But recently, apocalyptic books are appearing at an increasing pace, and some of them are taking on new forms. How do they depict a changing planet?

SEK 26.3 million for research in educational sciences

Seven research projects at LiU have been awarded grants in the Swedish Research Council’s annual funding round for educational sciences. The projects range from heroes wearing tights in the classroom to background noise and bullying.

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