After two years of Classes Préparatoires in Lyon-France and attending the national competitive examination for the admission to the French Grandes Ecoles, Cyril ROUTIER was successfully admitted in 2016 at the Graduate School of Chemistry, Biology and Physics (ENSCBP part of the Bordeaux Institute of Technology in France). He received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences in 2017 after the completion of the first year in the school.

In 2017, Cyril started his Master’s degree in Chemistry and Physical Engineering with specialization on Nano and Micro Technologies at ENSCBP. He conducted his masters thesis in the group of Assistant Professor Sahika Inal, at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

In November 2019, he joined the Electronic Plants group at Linköping University as a PhD student. Cyril’s work focuses on the functionalization of plants for environmental monitoring and sensing applications.

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