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David Stenvall

PhD student



David Stenvall (2024) Essays on Housing Markets and Financial Shocks: Energy Efficiency, Dependence, and Dynamics
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Michal Rubaszek, David Stenvall, Gazi Salah Uddin (2024) Rental market structure and housing dynamics: An interacted panel VAR investigation International journal of finance and economics Continue to DOI


David Stenvall, Pontus Cerin, Bo Sjö, Gazi Salah Uddin (2022) Does energy efficiency matter for prices of tenant-owned apartments? Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Vol. 29, p. 66793-66807 Continue to DOI
David Stenvall, Axel Hedström, Naoyuki Yoshino, Gazi Salah Uddin, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary (2022) Nonlinear tail dependence between the housing and energy markets Energy Economics, Vol. 106, Article 105771 Continue to DOI