Economics (NEK)

The Division of Economics is part of the Department of Management and Engineering and carries out education and research within the field of economics. Economics is a science that covers a wide range of different financial aspects and studies the management of resources.



Within the subject we look at, for example, how individuals make both rational and non-rational economic decisions. Economics is both a social and a behavioural science that uses mainly quantitative methods and experiments to study people, companies, organisations, politics, the public sector, the economy, risk-taking, environmental problems, and poverty.

Research in behavioural economics and neuroeconomics dominates at the division. Examples of issues being studied are the extent to which individuals under different conditions allow intuition, feeling or the rational mind to control economic decisions and risk-taking. Methods such as laboratory experiments and magnetic resonance images of the brain are widely combined and applied. The division encompasses researchers with a background in economics, psychology and neuroscience.

Research into discrimination in the labour market, migration, energy and environmental economics, financial economics, macroeconomics, institutional economics, international trade and transport economy is also carried out at the division.




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