Photo of Deepti Verma

Deepti Verma

Principal Research Engineer, Docent.



Deepti Verma, Nada-Katarina Kasic, Freja Jeppsson, Cecilia Bivik Eding, Malgorzata Lysiak, Shora Zamani Fekri, Jyotirmoy Das, Charlotta Enerbäck (2023) Differential DNA Methylation of MicroRNA- Encoding Genes in Psoriatic Epidermis Highlights the Wnt Pathway Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Vol. 143, p. 1594-1597 Continue to DOI


Cecilia Bivik Eding, Ines Köhler, Deepti Verma, Florence Sjögren, Claudia Bamberg, Stella Karsten, Therese Pham, Martin Scobie, Thomas Helleday, Ulrika Warpman Berglund, Charlotta Enerbäck (2021) MTH1 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Psoriasis Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Vol. 141, p. 2037-2048 Continue to DOI
Deepti Verma, Shora Zamani Fekri, Gunnthorunn Sigurdardottir, Cecilia Bivik, Charlotta Sandin, Charlotta Enerbäck (2021) Enhanced Inflammasome Activity in Patients with Psoriasis Promotes Systemic Inflammation Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Vol. 141, p. 586-595.e5 Continue to DOI


Jyotirmoy Das, Deepti Verma, Mika Gustafsson, Maria Lerm (2019) Identification of DNA methylation patterns predisposing for an efficient response to BCG vaccination in healthy BCG-naive subjects Epigenetics, Vol. 14, p. 589-601 Continue to DOI
Ebba Abate Abate Waktola, Robert Blomgran, Deepti Verma, Maria Lerm, Mats Fredrikson, Meseret Belayneh, Peter Söderkvist, Olle Stendahl, Thomas Schön (2019) Polymorphisms in CARD8 and NLRP3 are associated with extrapulmonary TB and poor clinical outcome in active TB in Ethiopia Scientific Reports, Vol. 9, Article 3126 Continue to DOI

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