My field of research is bone and mineral metabolism, including both experimental and clinical studies, with bone alkaline phosphatase as the main focus. Bone alkaline phosphatase is a biomarker of skeletal mineralization and vascular calcification.

In experimental studies, I am studying the structure and function of bone alkaline phosphatase and its role as a biomarker and treatment target of vascular calcification. This includes studying cellular models for expression, mineralization and investigation of protein structure and function with different methods for protein analysis. This is the main focus of my PhD-studies.

The clinical studies, performed in collaboration with national and international investigators, includes bone and mineral disorders, such as osteoporosis and vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease. I am involved in analyzing bone turnover markers with biochemical and immunoassays.

Apart from my involvement in experimental and clinical research at the Division of Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology, I am also a member of the research school Forum Scientium.




MSc in Medical Biology

PhD-student, Clinical Chemistry

Forum Scientium member

Bachelor´s degree in Medical Biology, Linköping University

Master´s degree in Experimental and Medical Biosciences, Linköping University