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Dorottya Kisfalusi

Adjunct Associate Professor

My research focuses on peer relationships among children and adolescents, interethnic relations, and educational inequalities. Currently, I investigate the dynamics of gossip and reputation in schools and organizations.

Short presentation

I am a sociologist interested in positive and negative peer relationships among children and adolescents, school bullying and victimization, interethnic relations, ethnic classification processes, and educational inequalities. I received my PhD in sociology at the Corvinus University of Budapest, in 2016. Before joining IAS I had been affiliated with the Institute for Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

At IAS, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the EVILTONGUE project funded by the ERC (PI: Károly Takács) and analyse the dynamics of gossip and reputation using empirical network data collected in schools and organizations.

Online presence

Recent publications

Hooijsma, Marianne – Gijs Huitsing – Dorottya Kisfalusi – Jan Kornelis Dijkstra – Andreas Flache – René Veenstra (2019): Multidimensional similarity in multiplex networks: Friendships between same- and cross-gender bullies and same- and cross-gender victims. Network Science, in press.

Kisfalusi, Dorottya – Károly Takács –Judit Pál (2019): Gossip and Reputation in Adolescent Networks. In Francesca Gardini – Raffael Wittek (eds): The Oxford Handbook of Gossip and Reputation, Oxford University Press, 359-379.

Kisfalusi, Dorottya – Béla Janky – Károly Takács (2019): Double Standards or Social Identity? The Role of Gender and Ethnicity in Ability Perceptions in the Classroom. The Journal of Early Adolescence 39 (5): 745–780.

Kisfalusi, Dorottya – Judit Pál – Zsófia Boda (2018): Bullying and victimization among majority and minority students: The role of peers’ ethnic perceptions. Social Networks.

Kisfalusi, Dorottya (2018): Bullies and Victims in Primary Schools. The Associations between Bullying, Victimization, and Students’ Ethnicity and Academic Achievement. Intersections. EEJSP 4(1): 133-158. DOI: 10.17356/ieejsp.v4i1.372

Kisfalusi, Dorottya (2018): Ethnic Classification among Secondary School Teachers and Students in Hungary. Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 9(1): 35-54. DOI: 10.14267/CJSSP.2018.1.02

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