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Elisabet Cedersund

Professor Emerita



Åsa Sax, Magnus Nord, Elisabet Cedersund, Anna Olaison, Annette Sverker, Lisa Kastbom (2023) Trustful conversations: a qualitative interview study on older patients experiences of the intervention Proactive healthcare in a Swedish primary care setting Primary Health Care Research and Development, Vol. 24, Article e53 Continue to DOI
Axel Ågren, Barbro Krevers, Elisabet Cedersund, Ann-Charlotte Nedlund (2023) Policy Narratives on Palliative Care in Sweden 1974-2018 Health Care Analysis, Vol. 31, p. 99-113 Continue to DOI


Anna Olaison, Elisabet Cedersund, Jan Marcusson, Magnus Nord, Annette M. Sverker (2022) 'Do you have a future when you are 93?' Frail older person's perceptions about the future and end of life - a qualitative interview study in primary care Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, Vol. 40, p. 417-425 Continue to DOI


Elisabet Cedersund, Anna Olaison, Annette M. Sverker (2021) Finding the right care path: Experiences of participation in care by older persons with complex health problems: A Focused Primary Care Intervention
Axel Ågren, Elisabet Cedersund (2021) Fremstillinger af aeldre menneskers ensomhed i dansk dagspresse