Photo of Elis Wibacke

Elis Wibacke

PhD student

I am a PhD student in history with a special interest in 20th century university history, student history and history of education.

Party politics and club activities at Swedish higher education institutions

In my dissertation project, I study the evolution of Swedish student organisations in the 20th century. 

I explore ideological and organisational changes within the Swedish student unions, as well as other major student organisations, during the second half of the century. My starting point is the creation of a modern university in the 1960s and I analyse political tendencies associated with different types of student associations and student identities.

As a PhD student in history I do not only conduct research but I also teach students, for example through History 1 lectures. I am also the chairperson of the PhD student council at the Department of Culture and Society. I have previously studied at Stockholm University and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. I have a master's degree in history from Stockholm University (through the master's programme in medieval studies) and a bachelor's degree in archaeology (Classical Archaeology and Ancient History). I have also written articles in popular science magazines about classical antiquity and classical reception, especially in university settings.



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