Automation in today’s world has helped human operators having several tasks accomplished in limited time. Therefore, human’s role in automated environments are shifting from operational tasks to supervisory tasks.

In complex environments such as air traffic control, supervisory tasks become sometimes difficult to manage as the controller needs to have a clear understanding of different operational levels in the system and make decisions about them in a limited amount of time.

My work focuses on visualization of information in complex environments to strengthen human-automation collaboration in real time systems. The project is funded by Swedish research council (Vetenskaprådet) and is a collaboration between Dr. Jonas Lundberg (main supervisor), Dr. Jimmy Johansson and me from LiU and Dr. Rego Granlund from SICS East Swedish ICT. 

I got a masters degree in Transportation systems engineering and logistics from the Division of communication and transport (KTS) at the Institute of science and technology (ITN) in Linköping University. My master thesis project was a collaboration between LiU and Swedish Civil Aviation Administration (LFV). The project’s focus was on analyzing air traffic controller’s taskload during unpredictable conditions.

The outcome of my master thesis project can be found on