I am a postdoc at the Institute for Analytical Sociology and the Centre for Local Government Studies, both at Linkoping University. My main subject of study is corruption and corruption risks in developed welfare states.

Prior to my current position I have had several jobs as a research assistant in projects connected to the study of corruption risks related to New Public Management reforms in Sweden. My research has for example focused on the use of municipally owned enterprises and its implications for accountability and corruption risks. Apart from this, I have a background in the field of economics in which I have a master’s degree.

Corruption in Sweden

My research focus especially on corruption in Sweden. By the introduction of methods from Analytical Sociology, I seek to enrich and complement the current corruption research. One of the advantages of Analytical Sociology is the combination of focus on mechanisms and the use of statistical models. This combination potentially creates a link between individuals’ behavior on the micro level and social outcomes on the macrolevel. In the ideal case, from the observation of corrupt behavior, this will allow me to derive the impact of corruption at the societal level. Previously, most corruption-related research either focus on finding correlations between aggregated variables on the macrolevel or alternatively on theorizing about corruption on the microlevel.  I have the ambition to create a bridge between these perspectives. 









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