Photo of Emma Lindkvist

Emma Lindkvist

Assistant Professor



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Aishwarya Raghunatha, Emma Lindkvist, Patrik Thollander, Erika Hansson, Greta Jonsson (2023) Critical assessment of emissions, costs, and time for last-mile goods delivery by drones versus trucks Scientific Reports, Vol. 13, Article 11814 Continue to DOI


Roozbeh Feizaghaii, Maria Johansson, Emma Lindkvist, Jan Moestedt, Sören Nilsson Påledal, Francesco Ometto (2022) The biogas yield, climate impact, energy balance, nutrient recovery, and resource cost of biogas production from household food waste - A comparison of multiple cases from Sweden Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 378, Article 134536 Continue to DOI


Roozbeh Feiz Aghaei, Maria Johansson, Emma Lindkvist, Jan Moestedt, Sören Nilsson Påledal, Niclas Svensson (2020) Key performance indicators for biogas production: methodological insights on the life-cycle analysis of biogas production from source-separated food waste Energy, Vol. 200, Article 117462 Continue to DOI