Photo of Erica Colaprico

Erica Colaprico

PhD student

PhD student in Electronic Plants group, Laboratory of Organic Electronics.
Erica focuses on the development of 3D-printed bioskin scaffolds with living properties by embedding living plant cells for next-generation photosynthetic materials.


Erica Colaprico received her BSc in Chemistry from the University of Bari, Italy in 2018. Her bachelor thesis focused on the use of cellulose nanocrystals as support for anchoring biocatalysts in aqueous media.

During her MSc in Chemical Sciences at the University of Bari, she continued to work on the chemical functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals with light-emitting fluorophores for applications in water purification technologies.

In 2020, Erica won the Global Thesis Award and started her MSc internship at the Silklab at Tufts University in Boston (USA). She focused on the development and optical characterization of multifunctional nanostructured photonic films based on cellulose and silk with fluorescent properties under the supervision of Prof. Fiorenzo Omenetto and Prof. G. M. Farinola.

After her MSc graduation in 2021, she worked as a Research Assistant on the study of new synthetic processes based on natural matrices and on functionalized biological systems for water purification at the University of Bari under the supervision of Prof. G. M. Farinola.

In 2022 Erica started her Ph.D. at the Electronic Plants group at Linköping University under the supervision of Prof. Eleni Stavrinidou. Erica’s work focuses on the development of 3D printed biohybrid scaffolds with living characteristics by embedding living plant cells for the next-generation photosynthetic materials.


Research interests

3D Bioprinting
Photosynthetic biohybrid materials
Organic Electronics