Photo of Erkin Asutay

Erkin Asutay

Associate Professor, Docent

My research focuses on how affective processes influence attention, information
processing, and judgment and decision-making.

Emotion, attention, and decision-making

We navigate complex environments and receive a stream of sensory signals that influences our affective experience. However, there are still unanswered questions on how different factors defining the dynamic sensory environment are represented in affective experience, as well as how this dynamic representation of affect influences our behavior and decisions.

I study how the affective consequences of events (including expectations, uncertainty, and prediction errors) are integrated into an overall affective experience, and how this affective integration influences decision-making. I am also interested in understanding the impact of emotions on perception and attention in auditory and visual domains.

I use psychophysics (e.g., signal detection theory), psychophysiology (e.g., facial EMG, skin conductance, heart rate), behavioral methods, and computational modeling.



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