Division of Psychology (PSY)

Psychology, the science of human thinking and behaviour, is a fascinating subject. At the Division of Psychology we educate psychologists and psychotherapists who are well prepared to face the challenges of working life and future clients in the best possible way. We also educate students of cognitive science and students with a deep knowledge of psychology, ready to put knowledge into practice. Our research contributes among other things to pioneering knowledge on treatment of psychological health problems, cognitive abilities in children and adults, social interplay and group processes.


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International Network for Well-Being

Our research comprises the whole field of the Science of Well-Being within different populations to promote health and the study of biopsychosocial resilience in the face of the challenges of the 21st century.

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Preschool Meals

Learning doesn't take a lunchbreak, so what happens when young children eat together in preschools? This project examines the multimodal and discursive practices that scaffold eating and social interaction during preschool mealtimes.

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Try a little first: Communication strategies for reducing plate waste during preschool meals

Reducing 'plate waste' during preschool lunches is a delicate balance between food preferences, satiety and daring to taste new food. In this innovative project, we examine which communication strategies can help to reduce food waste.

Människor i tunnel, tak över huvudet

WHOLE - Research on organizational and social work environment

Management, organizational structure and reward systems are factors that may affect organizational and social work environment. How do they affect individuals’ work experience, occurrence of bullying, levels of reporting in sick and perceived health.

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The Internet, Health and Clinical Psychology Research Group

The research group works with many different areas such as anxiety, depression and health problems. Many of the projects work with internet-based CBT, and the group carries out randomised controlled clinical trials.

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SAHA digital interventions for refugee mental health problems

Detecting and treating mental health problems for refugees - development of and research on digital tools for the assessment and treatment of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, sleep problems and migration-related mental health problems.

An elderly man and a small child are looking at a cell phone together. They are sitting on a couch in a hospital waiting room.

Growing up with digital world

The recent surge in availability of digital media has made media accessible even to very young children. However, we know very little of the effects of digital media on infants social and cognitive development.

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Physical, mental and reproductive health among sexual and gender minorities during pregnancy, childbirth and first year of parenting

The interdisciplinary research project s will follow the health and experiences of LGBTQ people during pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood to contribute to important knowledge in an unexplored area.

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Social Psychology

Social relations and social interaction affect how we behave and how we see and interpret our world. We are also affected by the context and the systems or organizations that we are in - it affects what we do but also how we feel.

Open seminars

We update this page regularly with information on upcoming seminars. 

Seminars autumn 2023 

Thursday 2 November, Professor Per Carlbring, Stockholms University

Vad kommer AI och virtual reality innebära för den kliniska psykologin i framtiden? (What will AI and virtual reality mean for clinical psychology in the future?)

Time: 3.15 - 5.00 pm
Place:  TEMCAS, Hus T, Campus Valla, Linköping

The seminar will be held in Swedish and will  followed by snacks afterwards, at the IBL lunch room.



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Annual report 2022

The psychology division has several researchers and research groups. We cover a broad range of topics within psychology, including cognitive, developmental, social, health and clinical psychology. Different research methods are also represented. Researchers at the division work closely with other universities both nationally and internationally. We hope that the annual report will give an overview of the research conducted here.


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