About me

Biomedical scientist doing a Ph.D. in tick-borne infections.

I moved to Linköping to become a biomedical scientist and stayed due to my interest in research about ticks and tick-borne infections. In earlier projects, I've mainly worked with the prevalence and diversity of tick-borne pathogens in ticks from field collections and detached from participants. These works sparked my interest in gaining a better understanding of the human immune response to tick-borne infections, and how these diseases are diagnosed.

I work part-time as a biomedical scientist at the department of clinical microbiology, and the other half of the time I do my Ph.D. At the department of microbiology, I work with the laboratory diagnosis of a plethora of pathogens. My Ph.D. project involves developing better diagnostic tools for tick-borne infections.

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My Ph.D. Project

Can FluoroSpot be used as a better diagnostic tool for tick-borne diseases?

Tick-borne diseases are an increasing problem as the geographical spread of ticks increases, and we find them to be vectors for more pathogens that cause disease in humans. The diagnostic tools for important tick-borne diseases, such as TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) and Lyme disease, have clear limitations that could be evaded using other tools, such as FluoroSpot.