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Fredrik Andersson

Associate Professor



Fredrik Andersson, S.B. Edgar (2001) Local existence of symmetric spinor potentials for symmetric (3,1)-spinors in Einstein space-times Journal of Geometry and Physics, Vol. 37, p. 273-290 Continue to DOI
Fredrik Andersson, S.B. Edgar (2001) Existence of Lanczos potentials and superpotentials for the Weyl spinor/tensor Classical and quantum gravity, Vol. 18, p. 2297-2304 Continue to DOI


Fredrik Andersson, SB Edgar (2000) Spin coefficients as Lanczos scalars: Underlying spinor relations Journal of Mathematical Physics, Vol. 41, p. 2990-3001
Fredrik Andersson (2000) On Curvature-Free Connections and Other Properties of the Lanczos Spinar