Department of Mathematics (MAI)

Mathematics plays a fundamental role in modern science and technology, but is also a scientific discipline.

The Department of Mathematics (MAI) is an department with about 100 employees and 4 divisions.

Research and teaching in the Department ranges over a wide spectrum from pure mathematics and scientifically generated approaches to applications within the fields of technology, science, economics, and mathematics education.

News from The Department of Mathematics (MAI)

Kaj Holmberg and Roghayeh Hajizadeh

Optimizing of snow removal in cities

Researchers at the Mathematics Department of Linköping University have developed a mathematical model on how snow removal can be optimized in Swedish cities.

Three people around a sumulator.

Development of new trainer aircraft takes off with new collaboration

Eight students from Washington State University (WSU) have landed at LiU. They are the first intakes in the new four-way collaboration between LiU, WSU and aircraft manufacturers Saab and Boeing.

Scania electric truck

Electrification of heavy transports requires new thinking

Electrification of heavy transports places new and high demands on planning for vehicle use and charging. Researchers at LiU have launched a project with the final aim of developing calculation software for planning routes for electric trucks.

Research from The Department of Mathematics (MAI)

Group picture of Nageswari Shanmugalingam, Anders Björn, Jana Björn and Tomas Sjödin.

Nonlinear Potential Theory

The research group is mainly interested in analysis on metric spaces, and in particular nonlinear potential theory associated with p-harmonic functions and quasiminimizers in Euclidean and metric spaces.

Reflection in the water.

Differential Equations and Analysis on Metric Spaces

Differential equations describe many real-world phenomena but can rarely be solved exactly. We therefore study properties of their solutions in other ways, in very general situations, similarly to creating an identikit of an unknown criminal.

Abstract 3D pattern.

Modern Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Nowadays there is a great need to analyse complex high-dimensional data. Modern theories must be developed through the knowledge of the classical methods of multivariate statistics.

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