Portrait of man leaning on a railingGissur Ó Erlingsson. Photo credit ANNA VALENTINSSON

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  1. Ödalen, Jörgen, Douglas Brommesson, Gissur Ó Erlingsson & Johan Karlsson Schaffer (2018). Teaching University Teachers to Become Better Teachers: The Effects of Pedagogical Training Courses at Six Swedish Universities”, Higher Education Research and Development, early view online.
  2. Erlingsson, Gissur Ó & Emanuel Wittberg (2018). ”They Talk the Talk – But Do They Walk the Walk? On the Implementation of Right to Information-legislation in Sweden”, Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration, 22(4), 3–20.
  3. Erlingsson, Gissur Ó, Jonas Linde & Richard Öhrvall (2016). “Distrust in Utopia? Public Perceptions of Corruption and Political Support in Iceland Before and after the Financial Crisis in 2008”, Government and Opposition, 51(4), 553–579.
  4. Jansson, Gabriella & Gissur Ó Erlingsson (2014). ”More E-government, Less Street-Level Bureaucracy? On Legitimacy and the Human Side of Public Administration”,Journal of Information Technology & Politics 11(3), 291–308.
  5. Linde, Jonas & Gissur Ó Erlingsson (2013). The Eroding Effect of Corruption on System Support in Sweden”, Governance 26(4), 585–603.
  6. Erlingsson, Gissur Ó, Karl Loxbo & Richard Öhrvall (2012). ”Anti-immigrant Parties, Local Presence and Electoral Success”, Local Government Studies 38(6), 817–839.
  7. Erlingsson, Gissur Ó & Mikael Persson (2011). The Swedish Pirate Party and the 2009 European Parliament Election: Protest or Issue Voting?”, Politics, 31(3), 121–128.
  8. Erlingsson, Gissur Ó (2009). ”The Spatial Diffusion of Party Entrepreneurs: Explaining Party Formation in Sweden 1973–2002”, Political Geography, 28(7), 654–673.
  9. Bergh, Andreas & Gissur Ó Erlingsson (2009). ”Liberalization without Retrenchment: Understanding the Consensus on Swedish Welfare State Reforms”, Scandinavian Political Studies 32(1), 71–93.
  10. Erlingsson, Gissur Ó, Andreas Bergh & Mats Sjölin (2009). ”Public Corruption in Swedish Municipalities: Trouble Looming on the Horizon?”, Local Government Studies 34(5), 595–608.

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